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East Coast Road Project (ECR)

About ECR

East Coast Road (ECR), known for its scenic beauty, is an important road corridor in Tamil Nadu connecting Chennai with Cuddalore through Pondicherry.

The road was formed in 1998 by interlinking and improving a series of small village roads that were connecting the fishing villages along the coast of Bay of Bengal.

Genesis of Project

Within two years of its formation, ECR started showing signs of distress thereby adversely affecting the riding quality and safety of road users. Prevalence of dangerous curves and other geometric deficiencies led to occurrence of number of accidents. MoEF restrictions on land acquisition, tree cutting, road width etc further aggravated the situation.

Considering the above, Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) requested TNRDC to take up the improvement, operations and maintenance of the road on a long term concession basis.

Subsequently, on December 22, 2000, GoTN and TNRDC signed a Concession Agreement entrusting to TNRDC, the improvement of 113.2 km of ECR from Kudimiyandithoppu near Chennai to Koonimedu on the outskirts of Pondicherry. The arrangement spanning 31 years also envisages operation and maintenance of ECR by TNRDC.

Project Description

The improvement work, inter-alia, included widening of the select stretch of ECR to two lane paved/hard shoulder configuration, besides re-aligning some of the dangerous curves. To enhance safety conditions on the road, extensive road markings with thermoplastic reflective paints, cat’s eye, delineators and road furniture/signage are provided.

A host of value added services including 24-hour trauma care and ambulance facilities, round-the-clock patrolling and security services, vehicle break-down/tow-away services on-call basis are provided on the road.

The improvement work was completed ahead of schedule on December 7, 2001 within costs. Tolling commenced on March 24, 2002 and is progressing smoothly.




ECR Four Laning Project

The East Coast Road from Akkarai to Puducherry State border has been improved and strengthened in the Year 2001 to a two lane carriage way with paved/hard shoulders and is being maintained by TNRDC as a Toll Road.

The phenomenal increase in the traffic over the past few years and the increase in the number of accidents (mainly head on collisions) in the absence of centre median, have necessitated the Government to take a decision to widen this road to four lane with median from Akkarai to Mamallapuram, where most of the accidents are reported, as Phase-I. Improvements to the critical curves and junctions between Mamallapuram and Puducherry have also been included in this project.

bet365 mobile app downloadBased on the Detailed Project Report submitted by TNRDC, the Government of Tamil Nadu had accorded Administrative Sanction for the project. After carrying out a competitive bidding process, the project has been awarded to M/s GKC – Vaibhav JV in February 2014 at an estimated cost of Rs 272.10 crores. The work is currently in progress and is expected to be completed by February, 2016.

Reconstruction of existing bridge and Construction of additional four lane Bridge across River Palar in ECR (km 76/000)

The Government of Tamil Nadu have decided to reconstruct the existing bridge and to construct an additional four lane bridge across River Palar in East Coast Road. Since the ECR is being maintained by TNRDC as Concessionaire, the Government has entrusted the above project to TNRDC and have sanctioned an amount of Rs. 134 Crores. Based on the above, an estimate for Rs. 85.19 Crore has been prepared by the consultants for the construction of an additional new Four Lane Bridge on the upstream side and retaining the existing bridge for slow moving vehicles and pedestrians.

After carrying out a competitive tendering process, the work has been awarded to M/s RR (JV) in March 2014. The estimated project cost including the non civil works like supervision charges, Quality control, escalation etc. comes to Rs.105.2 crores. The contractor is expected to complete the works in two years time from the date of commencement.

About IT Corridor

Rajiv Gandhi Salai is a major road connecting Chennai with Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. It is 45 km long and was earlier known as the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). The road starts from Madhya Kailash Temple Junction on Sardar Patel Road in south-east Chennai and terminates on East Coast Road near Mamallapuram.

The prestigious TIDEL Park, home to a number of BPO and IT/ITES companies and many other major IT/ITES Companies in the country are situated along the Rajiv Gandhi Salai. Prominent technical and educational Institutions, national research laboratories are also located along the Corridor.

Besides, State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd (SIPCOT) has developed a Cyber City, spread over 2000 acres in Siruseri, abutting the IT Corridor. Many IT/ITES Companies have set up their facilities in the Cyber City.

Genesis of Project

Due to heavy movement of traffic and on account of poor soil condition, the pavement of the Corridor had deteriorated. The opening of the Mass Rapid Transit Line along the first three km stretch and the presence of densely populated residential areas along the Kottivakkam-Perungudi stretch had also led to congestion and accidents. The IT Corridor Project aimed at improving the Corridor to a world-class facility in tune with the progressive and IT/ITES friendly image of Tamil Nadu.

About ITEL

TNRDC floated a wholly-owned special purpose subsidiary viz., IT Expressway Ltd (ITEL) for domiciling bet365 mobile app downloadthe IT Corridor Project. ITEL being an investment vehicle, engaged TNRDC as its Managing Associate and is responsible for project implementation, operations and maintenance of IT Corridor.

Project Phasing

The Rajiv Gandhi Salai Project is being implemented in two phases. Phase-I between Madhya Kailash Temple Junction and Siruseri and Phase-II between Siruseri and Mahabalipuram. The 2.1 km long ECR Link Road connecting Rajiv Gandhi Salai at Sholinganallur and East Coast Road at Kudumiyandithoppu is also included in Phase-I.

Project Description

In Phase-I, the 20.1 km stretch between Madhya Kailash Temple Junction to Siruseri is widened to dual three lane carriageway with median, service road, pedestrian footpath and planter strip. The ECR Link Road has also been improved to dual two lane carriageway.

Another significant feature of the Project is the construction of service trenches/ducts for conveying utility lines including electrical, telephony and optic fibre cables/wires so as to avoid digging in future. The water and sewer lines are also being conveyed under the footpath.

Landscaping and arboriculture, road side arts and sculpture works and value added services have also been undertaken. A twelve lane state-of-the-art toll plaza has been located at Perungudi with a modern Toll Administration-cum-Office along with four satellite plazas at Pallavaram road, ECR Link road, Medavakkam road and Exit plaza at Navalur.

The six lane main carriageway of Rajiv Gandhi Salai had been inaugurated and opened to public on 29th October 2008. Toll Operation commenced on 15th December 2008. Four lane ECR Link road connecting Rajiv Gandhi Salai to ECR at Sholinganallur had also been completed along with rehabilitation of the old bridge.

Bus Shelters and Foot over bridges have been erected at appropriate locations along the road. Service Road and Foot Path have been completed except for a length of 4 kms on the RHS.

For the Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the 13 families affected by the project, a residential building in G+1 format has been constructed at Thoraipakkam. The Government School in Thoraipakkam and Panchayat School in Navalur have also been rehabilitated as part of the Project.

View of Main Carriageway , Service road and footpath near IGP.Kottivakkam


Multi Level Car Parking (MLCP) at Siruseri

The fast developments of various commercial establishments, residential colonies, institutional buildings, IT Companies and increasing public interest in using the motorised vehicles and various other key factors, causing intense growth of vehicular traffic in Rajiv Gandhi Salai. As the length and width of road remains constant and also the major portions of the service roads are being occupied by the parked vehicles, causes more traffic congestion and nuisance to the public.

With a view to mitigate the above issues in Rajiv Gandhi Salai, the Government of Tamil Nadu has announced construction of a Multi Level Car Parking (MLCP) at Siruseri, under Public bet366 bonus codePrivate Partnership mode at an approximate cost of Rs 200 Crores. TNRDC has been appointed as Managing Associate for the Project. The project will be designed with 20 floors to accommodate 2000 cars and Bus Parking area to park 50 buses at a time. The project will be executed under Design, Finance, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis. Preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report for this project is under progress.

Elevated Road

The Government has also made an announcement for the construction of an Elevated Road from Taramani to Siruseri under Phase-I and from Siruseri to Mahabalipuram under Phase-II, for a total length of 45 Km. Tenders have been called for the preparation of Detailed Project Report and the work order issued.

Rajiv Gandhi Salai (Phase – II)

Under Phase – II of Rajiv Gandhi Salai Project, the existing 25 km stretch from Siruseri to Mamallapuram will be widened to six lane configuration as in Phase-I (including two bypasses at Kelambakkam and Tiruporur). The alignment has been finalised and land acquisition works are in progress. The extent of lands required are being acquired from the 13 villages along the road, out of which land acquisitions in 8 villages have been completed and that in the balance 5 villages are at different stages of acquisition.

Meanwhile, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been sent to the Government and the Administrative Sanction from the Government for the project is awaited.

Chennai Ennore Port Road Connectivity Project

The first project taken up for implementation by TNRDC as early as 1998 was the Chennai Ennore Port Road Connectivity Project, later named as Ennore-Manali Road Improvement Project (EMRIP).

The Project was subsequently included in the Port Connectivity component of the National Highway Development Programme being implemented by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

The Project envisages the improvement of about 30 km road network in North Chennai with the objective of establishing seamless and efficient road connectivity from Chennai and Ennore Ports to NH network. The roads that are being improved include the Ennore Expressway, Manali Oil Refinery Road, Northern part of Inner Ring Road and Thiruvottiyur-Ponneri-Panchetti Road. The Project also includes Shore Protection Works envisaging construction of 13 groynes and sea walls wherever warranted.

Recognizing the pioneering role played by TNRDC in conceptualizing and developing the Project, NHAI, the project sponsor, has engaged TNRDC as its Managing Associate. Subsequently, due to modification of its scope, TNRDC has been made designated Supervision Consultant.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) named Chennai-Ennore Port Road Company Ltd (CEPRCL) was incorporated for the implementation of this project with equity & debt participation of NHAI, Chennai Port Trust, Ennore Port Ltd and Government of Tamil Nadu as stakeholders at a total project cost of Rs.600 Crore.

bet365 mobile app downloadUnder the rehabilitation and resettlement for the project affected families in Ennore Expressway, 1824 tenements have been constructed at Ernavoor. So far, 1791 families have been shifted to the new tenements.

As on date, 88% of the works have been completed and the overall completion of the project is expected by February 2015.

Ennore Expressway Phase – I


Ennore Expressway Phase – II



Inner Ring Road



Ennore Port Connectivity

Tamil Nadu has been identified as one of the States having most potential for Japanese investments. Hence, a bilateral economic co-operation agreement had been signed to foster the economic relationship between Tamil Nadu and Japan. To facilitate and attract more Japanese investments both in manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Government have decided to improve the basic infrastructure such as roads etc on a war footing basis.

As part of fulfilling this vision, the GoTN has decided to improve and strengthen the following road network around Chennai and Ennore Ports to facilitate fast movement of heavy vehicles, especially the Special Transportation Vehicles (STV) of M/s Toshiba-JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt Ltd carrying Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC), to and from the Port :

  • (a) Thiruvottiyur – Ponneri – Pancheti Road (TPP Road);
  • (b) North Chennai Thermal Power Station Road (NCTPS Road);
  • (c) Ennore Port Road; and
  • (d) Construction of RoB at Athipattu

Since TNRDC is already managing the implementation of EMRIP Project and the TPP road is part of EMRIP, the GoTN had appointed TNRDC as Managing Associate to implement the above projects.

TPP Road (9 KM)

The scope of work involves widening the existing road to four lanes with service road and storm water drain on either side, construction of two major bridges, two minor bridges and two pedestrian underpasses. This work is being carried out by NHAI through its SPV CEPRCL as part of the EMRIP Project.




NCTPS Road (4.8 KM)

The scope of work involves widening of the existing NCTPS Road by 3m on both sides with 2m hard shoulder and 1m earthen shoulder and strengthening and construction of one major bridge across backwaters. The work has been awarded to M/s R Ramu Engineering Contractor at a project cost of Rs 41.91 Crores. The Contractor had commenced the works in September 2013 and the same is expected to be completed by 30-11-2014.

Ennore Port Road (2.4 KM)

The scope of work involves widening and strengthening of the existing Ennore Port Road and construction Buckingham Canal Bridge and Utility Bridge. The work has been awarded to M/s R Ramu Engineering Contractor at a project cost of Rs 15.69 Crores. The Contractor had commenced the works in September 2013 and the same is expected to be completed by 30-11-2014.

Athipattu ROB

The work of construction of ROB at Athipattu, including approaches, has been awarded to M/s Vijay Nirman Company Pvt Ltd at a cost of Rs 47.35 Crores. The Contractor has commenced the works in September 2013 and the same is expected to be completed by 30-12-2014.

Northern Port Access Road

The Northern Port Access Road, a Greenfield project, is an important link to the fast growing Ennore bet365 mobile app downloadPort which handles major cargo movements. The proposed new road will connect the Northern Gate of Ennore Port and Thatchur on NH-5 with an additional spur road for connecting to the Thiruvottiyur–Ponneri-Pancheti (TPP) Road. This will also cater to the needs of the recently developed Kattupalli Ship Yard.

The total length of this road, connecting Ennore Port to Thatchur, will be about 21.15 Km and the length of the TPP link Road will be 4.35 Km. The Detailed Feasibility Report for this project has been prepared and the alignment for the project road has also been finalised and demarcation of RoW by fixing stones completed. The project is proposed to be executed in two phases as under:


Construction of the road from Ennore Port entrance to Neidavoyal village (Km 0+000 to Km 6+200), from Neidavoyal village to Vallur Link road (Km 4.350), totalling 10.550 Km length.


Construction of the balance portion of road length of 14.95 km from Neidavoyal to Thatchur in NH-5.

Currently, land acquisition for the project is under progress.

Chennai Outer Ring Road (CORR) Project

Genesis of the Project

The Government of Tamil Nadu, with a view to decongest the heavy traffic on the major arterial roads of Chennai City, ensure free and quick flow of vehicular traffic and consequently saving the travelling time and fuel cost etc, had decided to build a 62 km connectivity corridor linking Vandalur on NH-45 with Minjur on the Thiruvotriyur Ponneri Pancheti (TPP) Road Via Nazaratpet (NH-4), Nemilichery (NH-205) & Padayanallur (NH-5). TNRDC had been appointed as the Managing Associate for this project.

Project Phasing

The CORR Project is being implemented in two phases. Phase-I is from Vandalur to Nemilichery (29.65 km). Land acquisition for this Greenfield project has been done by CMDA. The work for implementation of this project was awarded to M/s GMR Outer Ring Road Pvt. Ltd (a consortium of M/s GMR Infrastructure Ltd, M/s GMR Energy Ltd and M/s NAPC Ltd), on ‘Design, Build, Finance, Operation and Transfer’(DBFOT) Semi annuity basis, through an internationally competitive bidding process. The estimated project cost is Rs 1081.40 crores. The Concession Period will be 20 years consisting of 2½ years of construction period and 17½ years of Operation & Maintenance period. The concessionaire has so far completed 96% of the works and the balance works are expected to be completed by September 2015. The completed portion of the project road (Mannivakkam to Nemilichery – 27.50 km) was inaugurated on 28.8.2014 and opened for public use.

Project Description & Features of CORR Phase-I

The main features of this Green Field Project are :

  • Formation of dual 3 Lanes with 5.5 meter width Service Roads on either side with 2m wide planter strips between the service roads and the main carriageway;
  • 22 meter-wide Public Transportation Corridor (PTC) in between the dual 3 lanes;
  • 50 m Corridor on right side (city side) for Commercial Development;
  • Construction of footpaths bet366 bonus codewith covered drain and utility duct for the entire length of the project road;
  • Development of 11 major intersections and 14 minor intersections;
  • Construction of 3 major bridges, 2 minor bridges and 100 box culverts;
  • Construction of 50 Bus bays with passenger shelters (25 each on either sides of the project road);
  • Implementation of traffic safety measures;
  • Construction of wayside amenities, Truck lay-byes and other road side facilities;
  • Provision of additional facilities like illumination, signages, landscaping and tree planting, road side furniture along with efficient traffic management system.

CORR Phase – II

The Phase – II of CORR Project is from Nemilichery to Minjur for a length of 30.50 km. The work has been awarded to M/s GVR Ashoka Chennai Outer Ring Road Ltd in the same model as that of CORR Phase-I. The estimated cost of the project is 1075 Crores. The Concession Period for this project is 20 years comprising of 2½ years of Construction period and 17½ years of Operation & Maintenance period. The Foundation Stone laying was done by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 28.8.2014 and the Concessionaire has commenced the works and is in progress. The CORR Phase-II will also have the similar features as that of Phase-I.

Completed Photos of chennai outer ring road Phase-I


Flyover across SH 48 AT Mannivakkam


Road Section Near Mudichur


Truck Lay Bye at Pazhanthandalam


Road section near Malayambakkam


Road Section Near Thookanampattu


Road Section Near Mudichur