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Road Over Bridge (ROB) on NH 67 at Lalapet

National Highway (NH) 67 connecting Tuticorin with Coimbatore is an important National Highway in Tamil Nadu. The highway bet365 referral codecarries significant traffic, mainly freight traffic between Tuticorin Port and western Tamil Nadu & Kerala One of the major bottlenecks in the corridor was the level crossing at Lalapet with bet365 casino reviewabout 25 gate closures per day and estimated 1,75,000 Train Equivalent Units. This used to result in vehicles experiencing significant waiting time and corresponding increase in their operating costs.

bet365 sportsbook reviewIn order to ameliorate the situation, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India took up the construction of a Road Over Bridge on the level crossing at Lalapet. TNRDC was bet365 referral codeengaged by the Department as its Managing Associate for the Project. The project was completed and the bridge was opened for traffic from 11th January 2009